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"Asheville Police Department is grateful for the support of TIP volunteers and the compassion they bring to help people in difficult times. We encourage our officers to request a TIP volunteer any time someone at a scene needs immediate emotional support. These trained TIP volunteers are professional and effective, available around the clock, and a valuable partner in APD’s efforts to support the community when tragedy strikes.”

Capt. Mike Lamb, Community Engagement Division, Asheville Police Department

Trauma Intervention Program of WNC

When Tragedy Strikes

In the minutes and hours following a traumatic event, survivors often feel hopeless, confused, and in emotional shock. They are confronted with a dire situation for which they are totally unprepared, and they may feel devastated. Law enforcement, firefighters, or paramedics on scene are often busy with their own duties and responsibilities and find it difficult to provide meaningful emotional support to family, friends, and survivors. This can be very frustrating to both emergency services personnel and the others involved in the crisis, and there may be no one else available in the immediate aftermath of a tragedy to guide them through these difficult hours.

We Respond In Minutes

A TIP volunteer is a person just like you who has undergone extensive training to be called in by first responders. The TIP volunteer will respond within minutes, and after a quick briefing, will provide immediate and temporary support until the persons involved in the crisis are able to depend on family members, friends, neighbors, or others. Volunteers need no qualifications other than completion of the TIP training academy and a desire to make a difference in their communities.

We're Always There

After graduating the 55 hour training academy, TIP volunteers must be on call 3 twelve hour shifts per month and attend 1 mandatory continuing education meeting per month. First responders rely on TIP to provide support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Agencies requesting TIP include law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, and hospital personnel in Asheville and Hendersonville as well as Buncombe and Henderson County.

Become A Volunteer
Ready to Make a Difference in Your Community?
TIP is a unique program making a real difference in the lives of people in our community.
Volunteers serve both emergency responders and people who have just experienced a tragedy. You have an opportunity to provide real help to hurting people on the worst day of their lives.
Trauma Intervention Programs, Inc. is passionate about including all members of the community in our organization regardless of race, color, creed gender, sexual orientation, age, or physical disability. We believe that every member of the community has the potential to advance our mission by becoming involved as a TIP volunteer, a board member, a donor or a staff person. We strive to make staff and volunteer opportunities known and available to all segments of the community and to create an environment where anyone, from any background, can thrive as part of Trauma Intervention Programs, Inc.